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I'm Lindsey Schnazzleberry. Some call me Layla. 20 years old. Tacoma, WA. A bit of a nerd and a recovering hope-aholic.

I like: eating, singing, acting, cuddling, and doodling.

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  • “ do you dare me? ”

    —    an ancient proverb meaning “I want to do this ridiculous thing that is likely to have bad consequences but if it goes badly I want to be able to blame literally anybody else but myself and frankly you’ll do” (via dajo42)

    (via d-o-r-ia-n)

    Ur gender is now officially "hot butt" followed by several emojis like: 😩 and 😍😎

    Asked by Anonymous


    Hell yEAH

    imagine a dragon who hoarded librarians and every so often knights come to rescue them and the librarians get very upset because the dragon is quiet and reshelves everything neatly and the knights are Very Annoying

    Asked by Anonymous





    can I just

    Yes please?

    This is wonderful, assuming the dragon also shelves things correctly. Lord knows that the knights wouldn’t.

    Are those librarians kissing up there? I hope so.

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