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I'm Lindsey Schnazzleberry. Some call me Layla. 20 years old. Tacoma, WA. A bit of a nerd and a recovering hope-aholic.

I like: eating, singing, acting, cuddling, and doodling.

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  • dalekplz:

    More creepy bits for sixpenceee I don’t know too much on the backgrounds of these pictures. Where they came from, if they’re true, real or what not but I will say that the Jim Sullivan album and disappearance IS real, I downloaded the U.F.O. album, that features some hauntingly beautiful songs like Highways, Johnny and my personal favorite, Sandman. It’s a sort of old timesy twangish country/rock sound that just sticks with you after it’s finished. This was the ONLY album released, he left his wife and child(ren?) in LA to find his fortune in Nashville, but never made it.

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    aries: goes to amusement parks alone
    taurus: punk and charitable 
    gemini: gets headaches when they see 3d movies
    cancer: cute narcissist 
    leo: wears dad pants
    virgo: likes to stick lit matches up their butt
    libra: can name all the members of the beetles and hates themselves
    scorpio: eats raw onions 
    sagittarius: selfish and beautiful
    capricorn: has a hoard of ketchup packets
    aquarius: shares their mcdonalds fries, is cool
    pisces: acts like a goon

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